eBook: Enabling Globalization

A Guide to Using Localization to Penetrate International Markets

Enabling Globalization ebook: A guide to Using Localization to Penetrate International Markets

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We’ve built this guide because despite the need, nothing like it exists: a concise, step-by-step handbook for globalization and localization in the new millennium.

New clients come to us with a desire to go global but unsure of what the process entails. Some face a catch-22 dilemma. They want to penetrate international markets, but cannot justify the localization costs.
Others – some who have been localizing for years – want to know more about the new tools and processes that will improve both their results and their bottom line.

Enabling Globalization: A Guide to Using Localization to Penetrate International Markets – Here you will find the practical advice you need to start on your way and follow through to a successful finish.

So, whether you’re just entering the wide world of globalization or you’re a veteran of the field, this guide is for you. We invite you to take a look inside the industry through the eyes of a successful localization company. Enabling Globalization will enlighten and inspire you – and leave you eager to tackle your next international market!

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ISBN 978-0-615-34853-7

About the Author

Nabil FreijNabil Freij is the founder & president of GlobalVision International, Inc., a software localization & translation specialist in the USA with offices around the world. Mr. Freij is trilingual & holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, an MSEE from Brown University, as well as an MBA from Bryant University. Freij’s worked for over 30 years in the hardware, software & localization industries. He’s traveled the world and lived in five countries on 3 continents. An avid mariner & water sports enthusiast, Mr. Freij currently lives with his better half, daughter & son in Florida.

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