Voice and Video Translation

Voice Recording Service

We have a database of native speakers covering over 80 languages and growing. This includes nuances of languages like US/UK/AUS English. We can also produce ‘Wild’ recordings as well as recordings in ‘Sync’ to existing audio on video footage (if timing and translation allows) otherwise called “dubbing.”Voice Recording Service

The typical type of material we cover:

  • Tutorials & Training
  • E-learning
  • E-marketing (commercials, testimonies, web site company information, other)
  • Technical audio content including Engineering, Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Video games
  • Cartoons
  • Traditional TV/film dubbing

We use professional recording studios in Los Angeles and London, several video editing suites, a sound stage and a talent pool of 1200+ foreign voices covering more than 80+ languages. We indeed offer full service Audio and Video Production capacity for foreign language voice-overs.

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Foreign Language Voice Over Service

Foreign Language Voice Over ServicePerhaps the most important element of any foreign language voice over project is the consistency of the quality and crispness of the voice recording across varying languages. Engineered specifically for optimal voice recording, our voice recording studios are equipped with Pro Tools systems and complemented by a large number of plug-ins and state-of-the-art hardware to give the sound you should expect from a professional recording studio in any language! Sound engineers and editors utilize only the best equipment and editing software to ensure the overall success of your production. Our sound engineers are experienced professionals who work closely with project managers to determine the aims of your foreign language voice over project.

Voice and Video Translation Services quote

Voice-Over Sound Stage Service

Voice-Over Sound Stage ServiceOver the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the amount of video content being produced by corporations. This expensive medium was once used mainly for marketing purposes, but it has now spread to internal training, online customer testimonials, and many other uses. This new content needs to be produced efficiently and without the frills and expenses of traditional video production. By leveraging professional studios that include sound stage/green screen, and the huge Los Angeles and London talent pools (both in English and foreign languages), we provide extremely cost effective solutions for indoor shooting of anything from talking heads to corporate meetings. Get the look and sound of an expensive and highly professional video without the high cost
and long process.

Subtitling & Captioning Service

Subtitling & Captioning ServiceClosed CaptionWe can provide Multi-Language subtitling & captioning services for a range of content.

Placement anywhere on screen is possible, including multiple location texts (requiring multiple renders) to keep the subtitles clear of on-screen action.

Multi-Media Captioning: We can create from the ground up OR take already created videos and add multi-media captions to highlight activities on screen, for learning and
tutorial purposes.


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