• Our Global Mission

    To enable our clients reach their global markets by providing them high-quality software localization and language translation services at fast turnarounds. We maximize high quality and efficiency by leveraging 300+ qualified native talents with advanced language, technical, and project management skills, and by integrating innovative software and advanced communication technologies into our ISO approved processes.

    We won’t rest till all our clients are 100% satisfied. Our yearly client satisfaction survey results attest to it!

  • What Clients Say

Our International People

GlobalVision was started in 1996 by engineers and linguists. Our passion is the implementation of proper language in highly technical mediums. Our staff can convert your products from and into all commercial languages without breaking your code, corrupting your data or mangling your professionally formatted documents. We place the utmost level of importance on attention to detail, excellence of service, quality of output, exceeding schedules and meeting budgets. Our experts’ primary goal is to thrill your international end-users and make you very successful!

Our Streamlined Process

GlobalVision has succeeded in streamlining the translation process shaving significant costs and time off new and repeat translation and localization projects. Gone are the days when software developers had to use windiff tools to identify the new from old text. Gone are the days when technical writers had to track their changes with revision control features in their authoring tools to let the translation team know where to add new text to the previously translated documents.

Our support of over 100 languages within the same translation process creates consistent quality and schedules that our clients learned to depend on year after year. Our language specialties include: US English, Canadian French, Castilian Spanish , Latin American Spanish dialects, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, International English, German, French, Italian, Iberian Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Nordic-Scandinavian, Greek, Russian, Central-European, Eastern-European, Urdu, Turkish, Hebrew, Hindi, African languages, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Cantonese and Simplified Chinese (PRC). Visit our comprehensive language list.

Our Advanced Technology

With many of our employees possessing computer science and engineering degrees, GlobalVision is proud to be one of the pioneers in the use of Translation Technology in its translation process. Our extensive involvement in the development and use of Translation Management Systems, Translation Memory tools, Terminology Management, Query Databases and other translation technology enablers streamlines the translation process for our clients saving them significant costs and shrinking their time to international markets! Inefficiencies in the translation process can be eliminated without relying on Machine Translation, which in our view, is still early to adopt on mission critical projects.