10 Ways to Reduce Software Translation and Localization Costs

Is your company seeking to sell its software internationally? Then software localization must be a priority! And if so, reducing localization costs should be on your top list.

Reducing Localization Costs Whitepaper

  • While it may sound like a daunting and expensive task, there are many ways in which you can reduce costs and efforts and get a user-centered Software in any language and region.

    Download the “10 Ways to Reduce Software Translation and Localization Costs” whitepaper for Free today and get a chance to win a free copy of Enabling Globalization, a top selling localization eBook on Amazon.


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    What you will learn

    1. The translation and localization process pertaining software localization and the importance of reducing not only short term, but also long term translation costs particularly with the risk of breaking code or introducing bugs that may not be easily detected by your regression tests
    2. The importance of reducing verbosity in manuals, help and other documentation
    3. Properly authoring for localization by taking into account international audience needs and varying international releases
    4. Using single-sourcing techniques effectively to leverage multiple file formats and international release versions
    5. The importance of consistency in the use of terminology and writing style
    6. How to deal with last minute updates to your product and documents before release, particularity when your developers work up to the last minute updating code even after beta freezes
    7. How to plan future product releases with minimal disruptions to existing translations and localization; using art strategically and properly to reduce word count and translation needs particularly when used with online help and manuals
    8. Using the proper page format or online formats; and the importance of never sacrificing quality.

    A fifteen minute read will help reduce your translation and localization costs, guaranteed!