Manuals Localized by GlobalVision Selected Best In Class By End-Users

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Manuals LocalizedTokyo, Japan, January 2000- The User satisfaction survey on 70 major graphics software applications, published in Nikkei Computer Graphics, 1999/10 issue, has concluded that the SolidWorks Japanese Manuals opens in a new window are the best in their class.

The survey rated 70 products in 13 different areas, including Price, User Interface, Manual, Technical Support, Update frequency, Number of Plug-ins, … End-users answered either “Satisfied” or “Dissatisfied” and indicated the level of their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a number.

SolidWorks Localized Manuals

SolidWorks was listed as No. 1 in the “Manual” and “Update frequency” criteria. The survey also asked the question “Do you plan to keep using the software?”. SolidWorks came in number two. The percentage of users answering yes totaled 81.8 %. SolidWorks got the highest overall score of 5.

“We are proud to be SolidWorks’ localization partner”, said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision International, Inc. “It takes both an excellent Tech Pubs team and an excellent localization team to achieve these results. Both teams have to be very knowledgeable in the CAD language and terminology”. Since 1998, GlobalVision has been localizing all of the SolidWorks manuals into as many as eight languages, including Japanese opens in a new window.