Free White Paper, “Top 10 Ways to Reduce Localization Costs Without Sacrificing Quality”

GlobalVision International, Inc., a specialist in software localization and high-technology translations, announced today the availability of its newly designed web site at

The new design gives GlobalVision’s partners, clients and prospects easier access to information about localization and its challenges, and how GlobalVision’s unique solution addresses them. The site highlights how GlobalVision’s own top-down/bottom-up hybrid localization solution produces the most efficient and most effective results.

The site also offers a free subscription to the company’s very popular InfoMails. Subscribers get the quarterly issues by email. InfoMails contain the latest information about how companies involved in localization reduce localization costs, improve quality, and better meet schedules and deadlines. New subscribers can get the “Top 10 Ways to Reduce Localization Costs Without Sacrificing Quality” white paper free by clicking here.

“The white paper reveals industry savoir faire that all companies involved in localization should have,” said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision International. “It is not only free, but also guaranteed to save your company money on future localization projects.”

  • Reduce time-to-market for products by 2-6 months.
  • Increase market penetration.
  • Reduce support calls and product update costs.
  • Reduce international liabilities.
  • Gain international markings and approvals.
  • Project a professional image to international clients and prospects.

We are equipped with experts who can convert your products from and into an array of languages. For more information, refer to our multilingual web site at

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