The Visible and Hidden Benefits of Localization and Translation

translation and localization of productsActing on the favorable exchange rates for the US dollar overseas, the continued outsourcing trends, and the ongoing overall globalization trend worldwide, companies all over the globe are accelerating their activities in foreign markets.

Executives possessing a global vision are convinced now more than ever that to succeed internationally, they must localize their products and literature. The following are some of the many visible – and hidden – benefits of translation and localization of products:

Tangible competitive edge
If your competition already localizes its products, then you cannot afford not to. If they are not yet localizing, you can gain a tangible competitive advantage by acting now. Don’t underestimate the power of selling and servicing your customers in their own language when your fiercest competitor insists on offering English-only products. After all, the language of business is not English; it is the language of the customer.

Visible commitment to customers worldwide
There is no better proof to your commitment to your international prospects and customers than having your Web site localized for them. When worldwide customers and prospects log on your Web site and find it offered in their native tongue, their impression of your company changes. Not only will visitors clearly understand your services, they’ll also feel secure and comfortable with your company and the web page translation.

Strong local and international image
A localized Web site will project a strong international image essential to servicing customers both globally and locally. English to Spanish translation services for the US are becoming more popular as demographics in many states shift. Canada continues to depend on both English and French to satisfy the need of their Quebec citizens. Similarly, as new nations join the European Union and workers across Europe relocate, many companies are quickly addressing the different language needs of their newly created market pockets.

Effective communication with international customers and prospects
Are your international customer support costs very high? Product localization reduces your support costs where they are the most expensive – overseas. In addition to lowering your support calls, a properly localized product will help international users better understand and apply your products, producing a happier customer experience.

Unparalleled market penetration
Many companies are already selling abroad, but are looking for ways to expand their international sales. They can do that either by increasing market penetration or by selling to new international regions. Consider localizing your products for both. It will give customers in new markets a compelling reason to buy your products and enable a market penetration otherwise unattainable.

Reduced liability and copyright infringement
Many countries require that products sold on their turfs to speak the official local language or languages. Furthermore, the translation of contracts, agreements, product use agreements, and end-user license agreements will minimize conflicts due to miscommunication or language barriers. Users legally must obey copyrights presented in their native language.

With many years of global exposure, our clients confirm that the language of business is truly the language of the customer. But the translation and localization of products is not easy… One needs a solid localization process!

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