July 2007

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  • ISO13485 certified translation vendor standards and Localization

    ISOI was recently contacted by one of my clients who informed me that he was approached by a competitor of mine taunting the benefits of ISO13485 certification. This vendor stated that “Our Notified Body-endorsed risk management methods can help you eliminate the effort and expense of overseas distributor review”. They also proceeded to inform my client that they are “the only ISO13485 certified translation vendor in the entire world!”

  • Lowest Translation Rates

    lowest translation ratesThe Translation and Localization industry has been both consolidating and fragmenting for many years. Larger companies are gobbling up smaller ones to grow faster than others, while smaller companies continue to mushroom all over the world on a monthly basis. With low capital expenditure requirement and heavy reliance on outsourcing work, almost any person with some experience in the industry can start a translation company. But how will they grow their business?