August 2007

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  • Your localization vendor should operate like an energy-efficient appliance

    Fuzzy matching in localizationIn an effort to help save the environment and reduce energy costs, we purchased last year a new washer and dryer that were guaranteed to save 70% on energy costs. The washer uses 80% less water, hence saving 80% of the energy used to heat it. It also does a much better job wringing water out of clothes during the spin cycle, benefiting the dryer because the clothes are less wet.

  • Translating Company Role in Localization

    Translating Company LocalizationTranslation is one of the oldest professions in the world. It goes back centuries; even before the making of the Rosetta Stone. It is a very diverse industry with heavy fragmentation and worldwide dependence. Translation is an art and can only be handled accurately by properly trained professionals–typically native speakers, residing in the countries they are translating for.

  • GlobalVision Sponsors PMC Rider

    Graham Westborough, MA, August, 2007 – For the fourth year in a row, GlobalVision International, Inc., a specialist in localization and translation services, sponsors a rider at the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC –

  • Choosing a Localization Vendor: Main Street or Wall Street?

    Localization vendorThe largest public localization company, Lionbridge, reported last week below expectations net earnings and recently lost a third of its market capitalization. In a drive to become the number one localization vendor, Lionbridge grew since its IPO by buying companies like Bowne Global Solutions, International Communications, Mentorix and Data Dimensions. They financed their expansions with public money.

  • GlobalVision Announces New Globalization Blog

    Localization Blog - GlobalEyes

    Westborough, MA, August 8, 2007 – GlobalVision International, Inc., a specialist in localization and translation services, announced today the début of the GlobalVision blog GlobalEyes. The blog helps those interested in translation and localization services become better-informed consumers. You can read them and add your comment at

    Last month, GlobalVision released its 21st quarterly InfoMail titled: Do’s and Don’ts in Software Development before Localization. The InfoMail describes in detail 12 practices to follow or avoid that software engineers should know before attempting to localize their products.