When Localizing Your Website, Keep its DNA Intact!

Keywords are the DNA of a Website

DNA of Website

As more and more companies awake to the fact that the language of business is the language of the customer, they are undertaking the effort and expense to convert their products, websites and collateral into the languages most used by their prospects and clients.

While investing significant amounts of time and money localizing their websites, they often neglect a key feature that can significantly increase its success– its search ranking.

Websites that are search-engine optimized rely not only on meta-tags and titles but more importantly on a set of industry-specific keywords prominently used throughout the website.

They are typically peppered in key pages, linked to and surrounded by header and strong tags to make them visibly prominent to search engine crawlers.

Keywords are the DNA of a Website

Your keywords are the DNA of your website. Their safe preservation during the localization process is crucial.

A company that is mindful of search-engine optimization maintains an approved list of keywords and makes them known to its marketing staff so that they are used consistently during regular communications such as press releases, literature, website development, blogs and other online communications.

We talked in a previous blog about the importance of maintaining a standard corporate terminology and making it visible to your organization. Keywords should be a prominent part of this corporate terminology and your terminology can effectively manage it and serve it for that purpose.

Role of Transcreation

Once these keywords are identified, it is up to the localization experts to not simply translate them, but resourcefully recreate them while testing their creations with search-engine tools to analyze their effectiveness and competitiveness in the target markets they are intended to serve. This process is called keywords localization optimization or transcreation.

The goal is therefore not only to translate the website, but to create a just as potent DNA for all the target language websites so that they can prominently rank on international search engines to draw the sought after masses.

In a previous blog we talked about how to leverage languages to reduce the cost of your PPC campaign in international and local markets. Together with a correct SEO keywords localization of your website, your goals for generating international leads can be achieved.

Hire an Experienced Translation Agency

Don’t rely on your distributor or just a translation agency to localize your website for your international markets. You will not only risk the chance of giving up control over the quality of your messages, but also your website’s DNA.

Find a team that can handle the language needs and simultaneously take care of your website’s international search ranking needs. The return on investment is well worth the cost when optimal search-ranking boosts your web traffic along with conversions.

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