16 – 0

A Championship Localization Team Delivers Excellence

PatriotsLast week the New England Patriots made history by finishing a perfect regular football season. To the world, 16 – 0 are just numbers, to American Football fans they mean much more.

The Patriots played the last game of the regular season at the NY Giants and what an amazing game it was! Uncharacteristically, the Patriots who lead in most games trailed the game by 12 points with five minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Despite the intense pressure of being so close to perfection, to achieving world-records, playing on someone else’s home-field and the eyes of the nation focused on them, they controlled their nerves, fought hard, persevered and came through with unwavering determination.

The climax of the game began when Tom Brady delivered a long pass to Randy Moss one play after Moss had dropped a similar pass. Undeterred and relentless, Brady went back to him with all the power he had and Moss reeled the ball in and delivered a 65-yard touchdown reception!

This double-record-breaking touchdown pass gave the Patriots the lead in the fourth quarter and the ability to go on and end an undefeated regular season.

It is interesting to note that many pundits predicted the undefeated season from as early as week 2 of the 17-week regular season. They looked on and saw a great coach– one that is relentless in the pursuit of perfection, an exceptional offence headed by a champion quarter-back and top receivers, a resilient defense and an outstanding special team, all working in unison for a shot to break all records and achieve perfection.

Unlike Soccer or Basketball, American Football is one of the least globally followed sports. So our international readers may struggle to see our excitement. But most everyone can recognize excellence when they see it.

How is this blog related to localization? It is related to excellence and excellence can be found everywhere if you look for it.

When your localization project is falling behind schedule days from a major release and you deliver a long shot to your localization team with just enough wiggle room, you need a team that will not drop the ball, even under intense pressure, and kick the door of success open and deliver. This is when you know you have a championship localization team.

Being a champion is about coming through when needed to achieve, regardless of pressure and the odds. And just like many pundits recognized the perfection of the Patriots early on and predicted their undefeated season, you too can look for and recognize the important qualities of a championship localization team and make it your own!

On Behalf of everyone at GlobalVision, I wish you excellence in 2008!

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