Going Global?

GlobalVision Publishes 'Going Global on a Shoestring' & 'Search-engine Geo-optimization'

Translation Localization Whitepapers2 Whitepapers to help companies go global & leverage websites internationally

Westborough, MA, February 22, 2008 – GlobalVision International, Inc., a specialist in localization and translation services, announced today the availability of two free whitepapers, Going Global on a Shoestring and Search-Engine Geo-Optimization.

The first paper presents a tested road map for young companies to achieve international market penetration incrementally and judiciously. It can be used as a compass to guide you in your international journey.

The paper discusses how to handle each of the following stages:

  • Market Identification: World GDP figures are presented for prospective markets
  • Market Evaluation: How to use PPC campaigns to inexpensively test markets
  • Market Validation: How to efficiently address market localization needs
  • Market Penetration: The ultimate goal for the top 10 world markets

The second whitepaper discusses how to globally leverage your website’s search engine ranking to generate international leads. While machine translation fills the gap by providing international readers the gist of your web pages’ meaning, it robs you of control over not only international content and brand quality, but also international search engine traffic.

The paper explains how to:

  • Structure your website content for maximum international impact
  • Structure your website’s tags for international search-engine optimization
  • Share terminology online for brand building and consistency
  • Keep the website’s DNA intact for geo-optimization
  • Optimize PPC campaigns for global efficiency, and
  • Choose CMS, authoring tools, formats and platforms for international deployment

Both whitepapers are a must read for anyone thinking about taking their company global,” said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision. “You are guaranteed to save money and generate revenue from international markets you have not sold into yet.

Earlier this month, GlobalVision announced the results of its Customer Satisfaction Survey. In January, GlobalVision enjoyed publicity with an article in Client Side News on the company’s Translation Management System portal.

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