Localization Partner: How Much Should You Trust?

Localization Partner

This week, SDL announced the purchase of Idiom, the once leading neutral Translation Management System (TMS) solution provider. Since the announcement, the industry’s been buzzing with blogs, press releases, newsletters, web sessions and emails trying to comprehend or capitalize on the news. Here is our 2 cents.

In the coming months, WorldServer code will be in triage awaiting SDL executives’ decisions on what parts will be put away and what parts will stay. Idiom’s partners, clients and users will sweat it out for a while before they find out where SDL will lead them.

Vendor Neutrality Risk

Clients and LSP partners that made strategic decisions based on Idiom’s neutrality took a big gamble. They now have to make a decision to either stay under SDL’s thumb or invest in other options.

This is why a record number of press releases from Language Service Providers (LSPs) and still neutral vendors touting their solutions as a replacement for Idiom’s WorldServer emerged this week. But wait a minute, if someone is unhappy with Idiom having lost its neutrinity, why would they go through the trouble and the expense of buying a new TMS from another LSP? At the same time, why buy from another neutral vendor and make the same mistake twice?

Idiom threw in the towel not because their product was bad but because it could not be profitable as a neutral vendor. Companies involved internationally don’t have budgets for TMS, they have budgets for TS– Translation Services!

In 2006, we made a strategic decision to develop our own TMS solution, gvAccess.com, independent from all localization tools. We based our solution on industry standards like SQL, ASP, Java, PHP, Ajax, XML, TMX and XLIFF. Yes it was very tempting to partner with Idiom when they offered us free use of WorldServer. But if you think about it, nothing is completely free. Giving up control over one’s strategic functions and operations and putting them in someone else’s hands is a gamble that no sane executive should voluntarily take.

Your Localization Partner

At GlobalVision, we will not tell Idiom’s clients to come to us to buy our TMS, we tell you come to us for our outstanding translation and localization services and you will get to use our TMS at no charge. We will help you build your own translation infrastructure if you need one, independent of ours, and we will integrate with you. You will never be at our mercy going forward. This is our promise to you.

We are taking the hard road, but we’ll take it again and again for the benefit of our clients.

Translation Management System Benefits

Translation Management System Benefits

This white paper will guide you through the translation & localization process. It will show you how a reliable Translation Management System can alleviate many translation issues typically encountered in traditional translation and localization processes. Download it for free!

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