Localization QA, Is It Really Needed?

Localization Quality Assurance

Correct localization is not just translation! Much is involved in the process. In-country poof and quality assurance are central to the success of your products overseas. Never underestimate their value!
Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision International Inc.

Localizing? Identify In-Country Help!

The role of in-country reviewers and how to select them

Most companies performing product localization rely on in-country partners or staffs to test and proof the localized product before it is released. It is a prudent measure to take that not only ensures end-user satisfaction, but also provides valuable information and feedback to your localization team that will help them improve long-term quality and better meet users’ evolving needs.

Companies go about assigning in-country help in many ways. Learn about the alternatives, along with important matters to consider before the localization project starts.

Localization QA: How Important?

Quality Assurance in localization. What is it and why so important?

Quality Assurance (QA) of localized products is often an afterthought to the localization effort – despite the fact that it plays a major role in the localization process. QA is not to be confused with the level of quality in each step of the localization process. Quality workmanship is part of every task.

Localization QA is the last step in verifying that the released localized product can accurately deliver its intended function to the end user. It is performed before committing to expensive production, duplication, or shipping costs to avoid having to re-mediate due to undetected errors.

QA is best handled by in-country representatives, technical staff, or client beta sites. Click below to learn more on how to plan and implement proper QA to ensure the accuracy of your localized product.

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

Whitepaper 10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation & Localization

This whitepaper presents applicable ten tips that will help you navigate through the requirements of your time-sensitive translations and deliver a quality that your stakeholders will thank you for. Download it for free!

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