The case for FIGS

2007 GDP
In the translation and localization industry, FIGS is an acronym used to reference French, Italian, German and Spanish. Translations from English into FIGS constitute a large percentage of the localization work that takes place in the USA. Unlike Asian, Cyrillic or Middle-Eastern languages, FIGS languages are based on the Roman alphabet. This is why most computing operating systems, software applications and printers that handle English can effectively deal with FIGS requirements with minimal issues.

According to the CIA World Factbook,, the following are the estimated GDP numbers for 2007. Germany had the fifth largest economy in the world. Along with Austria, whose language is also German, they have a combined GDP of roughly $3.6 Trillion. France, the eighth largest, along with French speaking Belgium and Quebec pulled-in over $2.5 Trillion. Italy comes 10th with roughly $1.8 Trillion. Spain, 11th, Mexico, 12th and Argentina along with other Spanish speaking countries in Central and South America have a $4.5 Trillion GDP combined.

With the advent of Web 2.0 marketing methods, product development costs can be effectively leveraged worldwide. By localizing Pay-Per-Click campaigns, websites and products into FIGS ($12.5 Trillion market in 2007-Est.), US companies can roughly double the market size that they would otherwise have with US-only sales.

This is why global companies are taking advantage of FIGS localization and translation services to convert products, documents, websites and other essential materials needed to interact with the local user or buyer in FIGS-speaking countries.

With much international exposure and experience, our clients attest to the fact that the language of business is indeed the language of the customer. For information on how you can create a strategy to penetrate FIGS markets, contact GlobalVision International for a free consultation.