May 2008

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  • Localization and a Pixar Movie

    Localization, like a Pixar movie, is both Art and Science, fused together by People, Process and Technology.
    -Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision International Inc.

    Unlike traditional animated movie makers, Pixar entered the business by depending on the use of the latest technologies in computers graphics, animation, simulation and rendering.

  • GlobalVision Releases gvCollab- Preview at STC’s 55th Annual Conference

    Contact: Nabil Freij GlobalVision International, Inc. Tel: (508) 616-6660 The industry’s first online collaboration platform for handling translation and localization queries. Westborough, MA, May 8, 2008 – GlobalVision International, Inc., a specialist in translation and localization services, announced today the debut of gvCollab, an online collaboration portal to host enterprise-wide translation queries and responses. GlobalVision’s […]

  • Translation Management Systems Benefits

    Translation Management Systems (TMS)Translation Management Systems (TMS) are designed to host and facilitate localization and translation projects for all stakeholders– clients, translators, localizers, vendors and partners. They give users secure 24/7 access to project information and assets via a simple web browser and preferably require no software or administrative tasks from its users.