Translation Management Systems Benefits

Must have tools, designed to host & facilitate localization & translation projects for all stakeholders

Translation Management Systems (TMS)

Translation Management Systems offer many benefits. The are designed to host and facilitate localization and translation projects for all stakeholders– clients, translators, localizers, vendors and partners. They give users secure 24/7 access to project information and assets via a simple web browser and preferably require no software or administrative tasks from its users.

TMS  offer transparency to all users so they can see translation and localization project activities and monitor progress. The process no longer needs to be a mysterious black box.

While some companies charge for the use of their TMS solutions, others, like GlobalVision, realize that most companies don’t have budgets to purchase TMS tools and offer them free of charge with their services.

Depending on your function in the organization, the following are the benefits that you can enjoy from Translation Management Systems (TMS):


  • Reduced project costs and faster time-to-market: This is particularly true with larger projects that have multiple requirements in terms of project modules to localize, languages and schedules. Often, the product itself changes throughout the localization process requiring changes to the localized files. With the transparency that TMS provides, project tasks are easier to track, manage and deliver, often resulting in lower overall cost.
  • Visible project metrics (costs, quality and schedules): TMS tools are often based on SQL databases where all project data resides. This makes it easier to create reports, track changes and present metric data on a regular basis. Pertinent project statistics are no longer buried deep within the organization or vendor emails and files. It can be easily mined and reported on.
  • Control over company assets and IP: Translation assets are as important to the company as its source code. Translation Memories, Terminology databases, Query Databases, Intermediate Files, Style Guides and Requirements are key elements to ensuring quality continuity between releases. They are major sources of cost reduction in follow on localization projects. Every company should have unequivocal and unrestricted access to them 24/7.

Localization Managers

  • Full visibility into project tasks, schedules and deliverables: This gives managers the ability to make timely decisions based on changing source, changing schedules or changing priorities. The localization project is no longer a black-box process where files are thrown over the wall to the localization group and then left at the mercy of this group to complete tasks on time and according to changing requirements.
  • Delegate access to company translation assets: With all translation assets available in one portal, managers can easily assign tasks, issue work orders and delegate authority to any user they need to involve in the project. This includes in-country language experts who are proof-reading or Quality Assuring the localized product.
  • Streamlined project workflow from initiation to release: Gone are the days of ad-hoc task assignment and hectic email dispatch to delegate and communicate. Web 2.0 makes seamless collaboration a breeze!


  • Collaboration platform facilitating workflow and communication: Ad-hoc querying by email and forever waiting for redundant answers is all streamlined in a wiki/RSS environment.
  • Easy access to details– Requirements, TMs, TDs, QDs: Translators and Localizers can use TMS to gain immediate access to information in Terminology and Query Databases that facilitate the online sharing of knowledge and translation assets.
  • Efficiency enabler boosting productivity and throughput: Localizers utilize TMS to accept assignments, process tasks and resolve project issues with the efficiency and speed of electrons.

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Translation Management System Benefits

Translation Management System Benefits

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