GlobalVision Releases gvCollab- Preview at STC’s 55th Annual Conference

Contact: Nabil Freij
GlobalVision International, Inc.
Tel: (508) 616-6660

The industry’s first online collaboration platform for handling translation and localization queries.

Westborough, MA, May 8, 2008 – GlobalVision International, Inc., a specialist in translation and localization services, announced today the debut of gvCollab, an online collaboration portal to host enterprise-wide translation queries and responses.

GlobalVision’s clients can now route queries automatically and securely to the appropriate personnel who can in turn respond to them online in a web browser.

The following are the benefits of gvCollab:

  • Preserve translation assets by organizing queries and automatically storing them in a SQL knowledge base for future use
  • Reduce redundancy by eliminating duplicate queries through automatic search of prior queries already in the knowledge base and avoiding redundant queries by automatically searching the terminology database
  • Create efficiency by streamlining the routing and notification of queries to the desired language experts or authors for timely responses

GlobalVision’s worldwide translators, project managers and clients will benefit from this enterprise-wide collaborative database and streamline their translation and localization project efforts.

gvCollab is an integral part of GlobalVision’s larger translation management system (TMS), gvAccess, which was developed internally to meet the requirements of GlobalVision’s clients, staff and partners. gvAccess combines online functions like secure login and dynamic access control (gvConfig), online terminology management (gvTerm), online project workflow and tracking (gvProject), online subcontractor registration and qualification (gvPartner), and online query control (gvCollab). gvAccess is compliant with, yet independent from all industry-wide translation memory tools.

“We used Web 2.0 technology to develop gvCollab,” said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision. “Our translators now submit queries online in a wiki, our project managers moderate them, our servers automatically route notifications to the appropriate personnel on the client side who will in turn answer them online swiftly and securely. Since the data is SQL based, it creates a database that becomes a critical part of future projects. While before we had Translation Memories (TM) and Terminology Databases (TD), now we have Query Databases or (QD). QDs are as important assets to translation and localization projects as TMs and TDs. With the advent of Web 2.0, wikis and RSS feeds, the days of ad-hoc querying by email and forever waiting for redundant answers will soon be gone!”

GlobalVision is presenting Translation Management Systems benefits at the upcoming 55th annual STC Conference sessions, June 1st-4th in Philadelphia, and will be showcasing gvCollab and gvAccess at booth 226.

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