June 2008

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  • Terminology Management Takes the Lead

    In our previous blog, we discussed the survey that we preformed at this year’s STC conference. Here are the remaining results of the survey. We asked technical communicators to rank the significance of different technologies in localization (N/A if not applicable or unknown): Web 2.0 Technologies, Online Collaboration, Crowdsourcing, Translation Memory, Machine Translation, Wikis, Terminology Management and Query Management.

  • Single-Sourcing Documents Is In

    STC 2008 GlobalVisionTechnical communicators have influenced the localization industry for many years. The tools they adopt and the processes they follow impact what we do for localization. For instance, in the 90s they adopted RoboHelp and FrameMaker for online help and manuals. Then in the early 2000s some migrated to FrameMaker and Webworks Publisher in an attempt to use only a single-source. Recently they transitioned over to using FrameMaker, Flare, X-Metal and AuthorIT in structured XML authoring mode. The localization industry has had to pay attention to their moves and adopt the tools and processes they adopted to deliver files in all the languages and formats they required.