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Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

Adm. David Glasgow Farragut (Old Salamander), US Navy, 1864

Are you worried about the slowing economy or are you busy taking advantage of the positive trends in the market? Utilizing Web Page Translate can be beneficial in getting a leg up on the competition.

The US dollar hit lows against many currencies that have not been seen in years, making US based products and services relatively inexpensive and favorable compared to others. Many US companies are capitalizing on the cheap dollar and expanding their sales overseas. Is your company one of them?

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Don’t wait till your website is completed to contemplate translation. Get your localization team involved to help you address your requirements at the beginning of the process before they become an albatross around your neck. The earlier you start the better! ” -Nabil Freij, GlobalVision International, Inc.

When to involve your localization vendor to Web Page Translate

A day or two after publishing our latest blog, we received the following from a prospective client: “At this stage we do not have a formal multilingual strategy for online in place, however this has been on the radar for us. We have done some small improvements to our multilingual presence which you can see at […]. We are keen to expand beyond these limited services to potentially include a broader set of languages as well as multilingual application forms. Unfortunately our current Content Management System (CMS) makes the support of multiple languages very cumbersome and inefficient and we are currently upgrading to include the ability to better support multiple languages.”

There are six steps to follow to ensure correct implementation of your Web Page Translation to facilitate localization. They are: structuring the content, structuring the code, sharing terminology, keeping the DNA intact, Geo-optimizing PPC campaigns and using multilingual CMS.

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