GlobalVision Announces Results Of Its 2008 Client Satisfaction Survey

Survey99% said their localization projects were delivered on or ahead of schedule

Westborough, MA, January 9, 2009 – GlobalVision International, Inc., a specialist in software localization and translation, announced today the results of its annual Client Satisfaction Survey.

The survey measured the satisfaction level of GlobalVision’s client base. The highlights of the survey’s results are:

  • 98% of the respondents said that the dedicated project manager contacted them promptly after the project was approved
  • 99% said that their phone calls and emails were returned in a timely manner
  • 100% said that GlobalVision set project details and expectations correctly at the beginning of the project
  • 99% said that projects were delivered on or ahead of schedule
  • 96% said that the quality met their needs
  • 97% said that the budget was met

Overall 70% rated our overall service quality as very high and 26% rated it high. No one rated it below average.

Here’s a sample of the comments we received:

“I love GlobalVision. Nothing new here from a repeat and very satisfied customer, albeit at a new company.”
“Of the 2 companies we used, your translations were the best.”
“The complete process from the quoting to the final deliverables was done it a very professional and easy to understand format. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.”
“Very thorough work, professional interaction, good customer service. I’ll be recommending you to others!”
“Your project manager has been a pleasure to work with. He manages us and our projects, we can very much rely on him and his skills. thank you for making this easy.”
“It has been a pleasure to work with your team. I unexpectedly added on a late addition to our project, yet all of our translations were delivered promptly… and the service has been courteous and professional. I will absolutely look to work with them again when the need arises.”
“For any further project, I will contact GlobalVision. The results and especially the budget were very satisfying. Even in the European time zone, the reactivity of GlobalVision was highly satisfying. Very good service!”
“Although a relatively small project, this was a very important project that required a very rapid turn around. I appreciate the immediacy that GlobalVision staff were able to give to this. We were pleased with the outcome.”
“This was another good experience – quality translation, affordable price, and timely delivery.”
“Very happy to say that the page coding was handled faultlessly and the job delivered as promised.”
“Extremely responsible and on time delivery. Proactively solve any issues come up.”
“Our project manager was a pleasure to work with. She quickly responded to all my questions and resolved the two minor translation issues as quickly as was possible given the time zone differentials. Excellent work!”
“Your project manager was a true pleasure to work with. Despite a large and complex project, questions were answered promptly, short term needs were met immediately and scheduled deliveries were all on time. Thank you!”
“Love working with your team, always accommodating and helpful, we are always in a rush and your team handles it every time.”
“Working with your staff has been an awesome experience!! They are the best! THANKS.”
“It was a pleasure working with your team. Excellent service. Great communications. All expectations and deadlines clearly communicated and met.”
“I continue to be impressed by the service GlobalVision offers! Your staff are great to work with. Thanks for all your efforts.”
“Beautiful job, thank you, I’ve recommended the firm to our law firm.”
“Your project manager, as usual, provided excellent customer service and delivered everything on time. It is nice to know we have a dependable company we can turn to for outside services. It makes all of us look terrific. Thanks again!”
“We enjoy working with you, and are very happy with your work.”
“I was working with your project manager on translating our product manuals to Italian and I am very impressed by her professionalism and project management ability – everything was delivered on time with high quality, and I was fully and properly updated on the progress during the translation. Please let her handle all the projects with our company.”

“Our top priority is not only to make each and every client fully satisfied, but also to ensure that their end-users are satisfied,” said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision International. “We raise the bar in the industry when we say that we have fulfilled our duty only when our clients’ end-users are successful. You shouldn’t accept anything less from your translation and localization vendors!”

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