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International English 2x4Time to Retire the 2×4

A recent blog discussed the rise of American English as the “International English”. But for that to truly happen, a key inhibitor should first be overcome.

In our many years in business, we were asked by US based companies to offer an International English version of their products. But First, it is important to note the difference between localizing into “International English” and modifying the US-based English to meet other specific English-speaking countries’ needs.

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International English TranslationInternational English Translation

The world is ever changing and the languages present in our society have developed over the millennia, but one particular language sticks out—English. What makes this language so special? According to the number of learned English speakers to native English speakers has exploded. Over 1.5 billion people recorded by the site have learned English as a second or additional language while 375 million people are native English speakers.

How can there be more non-native English speakers than native ones? England was very effective during the age of imperialism in spreading its spheres of influence across the world. This influence included English being introduced into many heavily populated countries in Asia and Africa like, India, Pakistan, China (Hong Kong), Indonesia, Egypt and Nigeria.

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