Keywords in Web Localization

Preemptively Striking Global Markets- The DVD Approach to Keywords

Global StrikeMore and more companies are now using the web as a primary inbound lead generation medium. This trend will accelerate in these difficult economic times as companies look to reduce costs and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

In a previous blog, we talked about the importance of keywords and how they are the DNA of your website. To ensure a strong website structure, most companies today follow the “Discover” and “Deploy” approach.

Keyword Discovery Stage

In the discovery stage, companies identify and analyze the impact that keywords will have on increasing traffic to their website. They do so by using Google Analytics, Yahoo Search Marketing or other keyword discovery tools. They look up what their competition is focusing on in their websites. But they often limit the search to the source language of their website.

Keyword Deployment Stage

Deploying keywords involves integrating them into their web content, blogs and press releases. Again, since most focus on a single-language at the point of authoring, the deployment is typically focused on the keywords in the source language text (English in the USA).

Premature Translation Stage

Companies with global vision then translate their content without paying much attention to the impact that the translated keywords or text will have on local search engines and their ability to generate the needed traffic. Translators, oblivious to the traffic-generation intent and value of keywords, often blend them with the rest of the translated text giving no regard to their intended commercial role.

Validation Stage

By using a DVD approach that includes “Validate” after “Discover” and before “Deploy”, companies will allow a chance to further optimize their keywords for global deployment. By letting SEO guide their website localization plans, they more than double traffic and leads. How is this done?

The validation stage will involve the localization or transcreation of the keywords and then their substantiation in all the strategic geographical markets for your company. This effort requires further refinement of the source keywords to obtain a set of geo-optimized keywords, with their translated equivalents, that give you the maximum exposure and leads worldwide, not just locally!

Getting your keywords localized, geo-optimized then deployed will reduce the difficulties during the localization of your website and expand your search-engine optimization (SEO) reach into other world markets and search engines. You can ensure that your translators will correctly embed the geo-optimized keywords by using a terminology management tool.

With a set of geo-optimized keywords, you can also efficiently and effectively expand your pay-per-click campaigns geographically. The price of keywords in most language is much lower than in English.

High Time for Proper Web Localization

This is not the time for retreat! Global markets are now in disarray. A preemptive global strike can contribute significantly to your bottom line and long term global prosperity. If you need a dependable partner to help your SEO team avoid turning your keywords into global duds, contact GlobalVision!

Going Global on a Shoestring?!

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