May 2009

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  • Translation Collaboration Portal

    Translation CollaborationWith the advent of the internet and Web2.0 technologies, collaboration portals are put to use in all industries, including translation and localization. Exactly a year ago, GlobalVision released the industry’s first online collaboration portal to handle translation and localization queries between all translation and localization projects’ stakeholders.

  • The Language of Business is the Language of the Customer

    Last week, we got the following email from a prospective client: “I am aware of the services for translation and localization that exist in the market place such as yours. My challenge is on how to then take the translated / localized versions of our field service solution and go to market with it in the foreign marketplace. To accomplish this in house would not only require investment into the translation services but complete hiring of an internal bi-lingual marketing / sales / support staffing.

  • Statistical Machine Translation for All

    In the 80s, I worked for a large European chip manufacturer who at that time was marketing a new technology in video chips. They architected a solid state CCD (Charge Coupled Device) relying on the Frame Transfer (FT) technology to compete with the common Interline Transfer technology adopted by most Japanese video camera manufacturers.