The Language of Business is the Language of the Customer!

Language of CustomerLast week, we got the following email from a prospective client: “I am aware of the services for translation and localization that exist in the market place such as yours. My challenge is on how to then take the translated / localized versions of our field service solution and go to market with it in the foreign marketplace. To accomplish this in house would not only require investment into the translation services but complete hiring of an internal bi-lingual marketing / sales / support staffing.

Before I can make the investment to engage in your services I would require assistance in identifying solid partner(s) with the ability to market / sell / support the translated & localized product in the corresponding foreign markets. Is this a challenge that you and your firm could assist in?”

What is heartening is that we seldom hear anymore doubt that globalization is here to stay. With a weaker US dollar overseas and the unrelenting pressure on Wall Street companies to constantly lower costs and increase profits, globalization trends have grown stronger by the day, despite the current worldwide economic turmoil.

Executives possessing a global vision are convinced now more than ever that to succeed internationally they must localize their products, websites and literature. The benefits are many:

• Better communications with international customers and prospects
• Unparalleled market penetration
• Tangible competitive edge
• International and local image that is hard to ignore
• Visible commitment to customers worldwide

With many years of global exposure, our clients continue to confirm that the language of business is indeed the language of the customer. Since localization and translation are not core competencies they possess, our clients believe that outsourcing those tasks to us is the obvious solution.

But for many emerging companies, going global is a catch-22 proposition. They understand the long term benefits, but cannot justify their upfront costs.

At GlobalVision, we believe that your international expansions do not have to be an expensive proposition.

Download Going Global on a Shoestring and discover our tested approach to achieve international market penetration incrementally and judiciously. It is a compass that will guide you as you embark on your international journey.

When you become our client, we take your global market commitment to a higher level. Your languages, schedules, budgets, processes, and goals become our business. We put them and your end-users first and foremost.

In short, your language becomes our language! Don’t accept any less from a language service partner!
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