Translation Collaboration Portal

Benefits gained from a translation collaboration portal

Translation CollaborationWith the advent of the internet and Web2.0 technologies, collaboration portals are put to use in all industries, including translation and localization. Exactly a year ago, GlobalVision released the industry’s first online collaboration portal to handle translation and localization queries between all translation and localization projects’ stakeholders.

Immediately after the release, translators began initiating queries regarding the text they are translating from within the translation management system allowing our clients’ in-country, documentation and engineering experts to respond to these queries in a secure easy to use environment with a web browser.

Online Translation Collaboration Portal

The online translation collaboration portal, quickly became an integral part of GlobalVision’s larger translation management system (TMS), seamlessly handling hundreds of queries, and facilitating the translation and review tasks which constitute roughly 65% of a localization project’s efforts.

What used to take days to compile, document, forward, allocate, answer and disseminate is now done automatically and expediently in the translation management system, enhancing response time along with the receipt of timely knowledge for translators and reviewers to accurately complete their translation and localization tasks.

Efficiency and Quality Booster

This, not only improved the efficiency of our translators, it also improved the end-quality of the localized product and minimized the quality assurance steps needed to achieve a proper release.

Since Web 2.0 technology was used to develop the collaboration platform, translators now submit queries online in a wiki environment tied to the project’s query and terminology databases. Project managers then moderate them online allowing servers to automatically route notifications to the expert personnel on the client side. The experts in turn answer the queries online opens in a new window, swiftly and securely. Since the data is SQL based, it resides in a knowledge base that constitutes a critical component for accurate future projects’ completions.

While in the past we had Translation Memories (TM) and Terminology Databases (TD) to rely on, now we have Query Databases (QD) as well. QDs are as important assets to translation and localization projects as TMs and TDs.

Translation Collaboration Portal

Translation Collaboration Portal Benefits

The following are the benefits gained from the translation collaboration portal:

• Preserve translation knowledge assets by organizing queries and automatically storing them in a SQL knowledge base for future use accessible to all stakeholders
• Reduce redundancy by eliminating duplicate queries through automatic search of queries already in the knowledge base and avoiding unnecessary queries by automatically searching the terminology database
• Create efficiency by streamlining the routing and notification of queries to the desired language experts or authors for timely responses

Today, GlobalVision’s worldwide translators, project managers and clients are benefiting from this enterprise-wide collaborative database that is streamlining their translation and localization project efforts. The days of ad-hoc querying by email and forever waiting for redundant answers are eternally gone!

Translation Management System Benefits

Translation Management System Benefits

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