Electrify your Products with Accurate Localization

The Perception of Accuracy and Quality

Electrify your Products with Accurate LocalizationTranslation is an old profession, a very old one. Ancient scripts in literature, history, science, philosophy, religion… were thankfully preserved over the centuries due to the good work of many translators from the Middle-East, Europe and other parts of the world. But with the advent of machine translation tools over the web, many today take translation for granted. The field lost its luster in many eyes. If you look beyond the surface however, accurate localization and translation are an art and an important one.

Consider the following and perhaps your perception will change.

The Makings of Accurate Localization

  1. People want to read well written content, not text carelessly generated by a machine
  2. With the advent of the web, people want to participate, not just get the gist of the meaning in a one way communication medium
  3. Accurately localizing text is more than just converting your text to another language. It is about meeting your client’s language and other locale needs.
  4. Accurately localized content is about delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right people
  5. Localization is not about you releasing product in multiple languages. It is about users using your products in those languages.
  6. Accurate translation is about reaching vast numbers of under-served audiences
  7. Localization is not about translators winning your business; it is about your company winning business.
  8. Accurately localized products and services let organizations communicate with their buyers in a form they will appreciate
  9. Organizations must drive people into the purchasing process with great products accurately localized to meet their needs
  10. You are what you publish only in the languages you accurately publish in.

Use the above to argue the value of accurate translation and localization within your organization and write back with other suggestions and ideas on how to promote accurate localization for the success of your clients and users!

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

This whitepaper presents applicable ten tips that will help you navigate through the requirements of your professional translation and localization needs and deliver quality messages that will resonate with your clients and users. Download it for free!

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