Web Page Localization Goals

web page localizationWe had a meeting recently with a frustrated international marketing manager who works for a large manufacturer of high-end electronic equipment. He was the only international marketing employee for this half a billion dollar organization earning revenues mainly from the USA. Despite all the web page localization that he has done, he cannot get his company to maintain the budget that he needs. 

He was clearly upset when he indicated that his upper management does not put much value in his translation efforts and that year after year his translation budgets have dwindled. Yet international growth is strategic to their business!

Web Page Localization & Leads

Three attempts had previously been made to budget for the translation of the entire website and marketing collateral without having objective results directly tied to the translation work. Every time the budget was denied.

When asked if the number of leads generated from the already localized web landing pages were measured and tracked, he stated that leads are the responsibility of another group and that he had no visibility into the effect of translation on lead or revenue.

Even if you don’t have access to the leads that arrive, you should setup your Google Analytics with Goals opens in a new window to measure how many conversions you are receiving from your localized web pages. 

Creating Measurable Dividends

This is not uncommon. In most large companies each employee has a role and is often compensated or reviewed against his or her core objectives. Employees are not usually motivated to step outside their responsibilities’ boundaries to achieve better results for the company. This unfortunately decrements the chances of success for everyone!

Now, what if this individual worked with the person in charge of leads to understand how he is helping contribute against the international leads goals? What if at the same time he reached out to the International VP of Sales to see how the international leads are contributing to international sales? What if the three made a case to translate key marketing collateral, campaigns, and localize web pages, to show management how speaking the customers’ language can increase leads and international revenues?

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Language of Business

Everyone knows that the language of business is the language of the customer. But when it comes to investing money to communicate in the customer’s language, the need for ROI (return on investment analysis) often gets in the way.

Prove the value of your web page localization and translation efforts to get the needed budgets, then translate and localize your marketing collateral and products professionally to help drive international business. When you do it right, your company’s international growth will materialize and you will no longer be the lowly frustrated international marketing manager ; instead, you will become the (unsung) hero!

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