January 2010

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  • Agile Software Localization

    We were recently contacted by a client who asked the following:“We are reviewing our GUI localization plan for next release. We are thinking of creating an internal tool to provide us with a list and location of changed GUI strings in more frequent shorter intervals. We then could provide the changed string file to you and once it’s translated, get the translation back and include in the next build for reviewers. This process allows us multiple build and review cycles and earlier availability of final localized version for our users. Do you think providing you with smaller amount of string changes in approximately two-weeks intervals would be easier to get the translation done? How about the cost, is more frequent smaller work translates to less cost or more?”

  • Translation & Localization Industry Recap and Looking Ahead

    With the global economy taking a severe downturn, 2009 proved to be a challenging year for many. It paid to be nimble and diversified to navigate the waves of budget cuts, project delays and slower payments. The localization industry, had to deal with the slowing economy, shrinking budgets and the erosion of localization rates along with the natural evolution of tools and technology used in the process.