GlobalVision Announces Enabling Globalization

Enabling GlobalizationA Guide to Using Localization to Penetrate International Markets

Westborough, MA, February 24, 2010 – GlobalVision International, Inc. announced today the availability of its eBook, Enabling Globalization: A Guide to Using Localization to Penetrate International Markets.

The 120-page eBook is available on Amazon Kindle and at Smashwords in the Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, and Android formats for $9.95. GlobalVision will offer the eBook free of charge to its clients as a token of appreciation for their business throughout the years.

“There are many myths and misconceptions still hindering the tremendous potential of globalization and localization that I wanted to put to rest,” said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision and author of Enabling Globalization. “Readers of the book become empowered to act and address their international needs while avoiding the pitfalls that plague the unprepared.”

For 14 years, GlobalVision has been enabling globalization for its clients. The eBook draws on the experience gained while working with hundreds of clients in many industries, including software, IT, medical, and media.

Enabling Globalization is a must-read for any executive whose strategic goals include international expansion.


Many have the desire to go global but are unsure of what the process entails. Some face a Catch-22 dilemma. They want to penetrate international markets, but cannot justify costs. Others have gone international but need to optimize their strategies. This eBook is for all.

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