April 2010

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  • Why Human Translation Services Matter!

    The first quartz watch was introduced in 1969 promising more accurate and less costly ways to produce watches. Shortly after, the higher frequency crystal used in quartz technology allowed for a few seconds per month inaccuracy versus the few seconds per day of the best mechanical watches. Electronic parts were also much cheaper to produce than finely-tuned, hand crafted mechanical parts.

  • Successful Translation Companies

    I was recently forwarded the following unsolicited comments from one of our clients to a colleague of his. The text is presented as is, except for edits between brackets to protect the identity and company affiliations. Bear through the advertisement to note the salient lessons. These pearls of wisdom should not be dismissed.

  • Fuzzy Match or Fuzzy Math?

    Recently, a blog was published about Translation Memory Matching. In it, the authors explained what Translation Memory (TM) is and how fuzzy matching is derived. But a couple of things in their blog did not add up prompting me to write about them.