Strategy and Translation Process

Are your strategic goals driving your translation & localization process?

Strategy Dictates Translation Process

Many companies contact us to seek our advice on how to achieve simultaneous releases for their multilingual products. Their clients are typically not happy when they hear that their English version will be available soon, but that the localized version will not be ready for another 3 months.

Often these companies have learned that we helped their partners or competitors achieve simultaneous release capabilities. They want to see if we can help them do the same.

Strategy Before Process & Process Before Tools

Discussions in these cases often have a tendency to gravitate toward the current localization assets, tools, processes and methodologies applied. And more than often, after we invest a significant time identifying the gaps and holes in the current process, tools and methods, and what it will take to address them, the inquiring party retrenches and declares that simultaneous releases are unachievable.

At GlobalVision, we take a different approach. We seek to identify first what the client’s strategic goals are.

If their strategic goals to reduce operational costs trump the goals to speed up the localized product release schedule, as it currently is for many companies nowadays, simultaneous releases may not be the ideal situation for them to be in. Simultaneous releases are demanding and will consume more resources in form of people and treasure to complete. Coupled or Over-the-wall localization strategies may be better suited approaches for some or all the supported languages.

If however your strategic goals favor marketing penetration, international expansions and elimination of lost opportunities in international sales due to the delayed release of the localized product, then you should investigate simultaneous release processes, methods and budgets to properly implement and execute them.

Putting the Horse Ahead of the Cart

Strategy dictates process. Trying to do it the other way around is like putting the cart ahead of the horse. It simply won’t take you where you want to go.

For more information read Enabling Globalization.

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