GlobalVision Debuts Global Website

GlobalVision International, Inc. announced today its new website on
Global Website
Leveraging the WordPress Content Management solution for easy maintenance and updates, the site is built from the ground up with the end user in mind.

Visitors to the site can use the custom search feature to search for relevant technical and informational articles, blogs, white papers and newsletters on globalization, localization and translation. An RSS subscription to the blog is also available.

Visitors can also test their localization experience level using the free quiz and audit questionnaire, see their scores immediately after taking the quiz, and request a free audit report to help them improve their ways and methods. If not satisfied with their scores, they can immediately register for a free Translation Management System webinar, request free white papers and sign up to the free monthly industry newsletter GlobalEyes. These free resources are guaranteed to improve experience levels, leading to reducing translation costs, improving product quality and expediting product release schedules.

Avid readers can also order Enabling Globalization: A Guide to Penetrate International Markets from Amazon or, while GlobalVision’s clients can request the eBook at no charge.

“If you are dealing with globalization issues, is a site to bookmark”, said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision and author of Enabling Globalization. “It contains everything an executive needs to know about globalization, localization and translation. Visit frequently and often to learn the latest methods, techniques and processes used to take products and services global.”

GlobalVision recently offered the program Window to the World to help its clients reach over 90% of their worldwide online audience for under $5,000 US. An example of this program is available on in 13 languages.

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