GlobalVision debuts “Taking Your Website Global”

Strategies on how to take your website and company global without draining your budgets

Westborough, MA, July 29, 2010 – GlobalVision International, Inc. announced today the debut of a new webinar titled, Taking your Website Global: A Low risk path to increasing your international revenues.

Today, more than a third of internet users are from Asia and a quarter are from Europe. Within 5 years, roughly 75% of internet users will have a non-English native language. However, non-English language web content has not kept pace with international user growth, creating an opportunity.

Companies that take advantage of this void can reach their global audience efficiently and generate worldwide leads to grow their international business.

The new webinar addresses the following challenges:

  1. How to tackle the global market efficiently and effectively
    1. Identify and divide markets worldwide
    2. Target each market based on its maturity level
    3. Grow your international investments as markets justify it
  2. Challenges in developing and maintaining international websites
    1. Best structure for multilingual sites
    2. How to keep the languages synchronized
    3. SEO and PPC in a global site
  3. Processes to deal with changing business requirements
    1. Open a window to the word
    2. Leverage TMS and CMS technology
    3. Leverage experts and professionals

“Navigating treacherous international waters is not for the faint-hearted, inexperienced, or ill equipped”, said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision and author of Enabling Globalization. “Going global requires determination, experience, resources, and a finely tuned process to get you where you need to go. We give you the correct strategy in the webinar at no charge!”

The webinars will debut mid August 2010. Register at

GlobalVision also offers a monthly webinar on the benefits of Translation Management Systems in enhancing collaboration, streamlining the process and tracking quality. Since 1997, hundreds of users attended the webinar and benefited from its practical content.

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