Is Translation Customer Experience a Lost Art?

The role of Customer Service in the Translation & Localization industry!

Customer Service Translation Company

I am in Lebanon this month working with the IT team to get a new release of our translation management system out. After a long week of technical discussions and testing, the weekend came. This allowed me to take advantage of the 35⁰ Celsius (95⁰ F) temperature and enjoy the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea.

Club La Marina

A friend of mine has a boat docked at Club La Marina. He invited me to join him. So, in the land of the Phoenicians, why not act like one for a day? When we set off to the marina, my friend called them to notify them of our pending arrival.

When we got there, someone had already uncovered the boat and filled the ice box! Furthermore, that someone was standing at the dock by the boat waiting to greet us. He handed us the keys of the boat, and saw us off safely. He made sure to remind us that if we needed anything, even while at sea, to not hesitate to call!

After an outstanding day in the wind, sun and water, we called La Marina by phone informing them of our imminent return. As we sailed into the marina, three people greeted us at the dock. One threw us a line and proceeded to secure the boat. Another helped us and our personal items off the boat. A third immediately started rinsing the boat to rid it of the accumulated salt. Then he wiped it clean and covered it. They thanked us for our visit and wished to see us again soon!

Now, I’ve owned boats for many years in the USA. I’ve had them at several marinas and yacht clubs. No one, and let me emphasize NO ONE, before treated me like this.

In Lebanon, whether it is at marinas, restaurants, hotels, stores or cafes, we are often reminded of what customer experience is all about. It is about indulging the customer and making him or her feel like he or she is the only one that matters. It is the secret of success in this country, and the reason tourists and expats keep coming back, despite the many economic, political, security and infrastructure issues that face the general area.

Translation Customer Experience

Why am I writing this? Perhaps there is an analogy here to draw interesting insights from. The translation and localization industry is a service based industry and as such its success relies on customer experience, service and satisfaction. 

Does your language service provider greet you promptly and cordially when you call or email them? Do they have the necessary translation, localization, desktop publishing, engineering or project management resources available when you need them? Will they anticipate your needs before you even utter them? Do they deliver your urgent localized projects before you had a chance to complete the projects’ purchase order form, or get the necessary signatures?

Think about it and if you answer many of the above questions with a resounding no, perhaps it is time you consider a change. Choose someone who has not lost sight of the importance of the customer experience in a service industry. The art of translation customer service is indeed not lost!