August 2010

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  • Changing Translation Firms

    Translation VendorI am in Lebanon this week and for those who have been here, you must recall Lebanon’s horrific traffic. Traffic problems are typically attributed to population explosion, increased appetite for cars, lack of public transportation and archaic infrastructure, all of which Lebanon suffers from. But also much of the misery is self-inflicted by the very bad driving habits (and manners) that Lebanese drivers are notorious for. It is unfortunate that these habits are major contributors to further chaos, serious accidents and frustrating traffic jams.

  • Context Translation – Flush Twice to Conserve Water!

    City of Two ContinentsRecently GlobalVision released the Window to the World program which enables our clients to reach 90% of their worldwide audience by translating a landing page into 12 languages. Turkish is one of the languages we recommend translating into as Turkey now, with a population of over 70 million strong, generates enough GDP revenue to be number 13 on the language list.