Professional Translation & Localization Service: 15 Reasons to Use

Professional Product Localization Promotes Business Evolution Around the World

Professional translation & localization servicesIf you have not considered using professional translation and localization services for your company’s products, website and marketing material, here are 15 reasons why you should.

1. Loss of Revenue

Are you losing international sales opportunities due to delays or lack of a localized product? Translating your products and services will give you a competitive advantage or eliminate one of your competitors’. 

2. Ambiguity in Localized Product?

Are your international sales people, support staff and end-users complaining about the lack of clarity, quality or usefulness of your localized product? By implementing translation and localization across your product line, you can significantly reduce support calls where they are most costly, overseas!

3. Disorganized Translation Assets

Are your localized assets– target files, translation memories, terminology data-banks, style guides and query databases– all over the place, non-existent or outdated? A professional translation and localization service will get them all organized in a translation management system where you have access to them 24/7.

4. Multiple Revisions of the Source

Are last minute product updates baffling your translation and localization staff on how to handle the deluge of updates? You need a translation reuse process based on search-engine/database technology. Ask the experts.

5. Dated Translation Technology

Are you still relying on dated technology in translation leveraging (Translation Memory), terminology management and dealing with translators queries off-online? Again, technology here has significantly advanced. As your professional translation and localization service provider for more info.

6. Inefficient Translation Assets Reuse

Are you paying over and over again for the translation of the same text straining your budgets? You shouldn’t! Technology today streamlines the translation process and eliminate much of the translation reuse overhead costs.

7. No Single Sourcing

Are you still considering single sourcing and XML? Time to stop considering and to start implementing. As a professional translation and localization service provider we can show you how to take full advantage of single sourcing with XML, DITA and Darwin.

8. Inconsistent Terminology

Does your localized product suffer from inconsistent terminology and ambiguities? There is nothing more damaging to your product than using the wrong or inconsistent terminology. 

9. Burdened Translators

Are your translators required to do tasks not related to translation? This will slow down your translation step which is often the critical path in a localization project. Slowing translators will ultimately lead to product delays costing your company time to market and revenue.

10. Delays in Getting In-Country Input

Do your translators have to wait endless amounts of time to get answers to their queries from your in-country product experts? They shouldn’t. Translation collaboration tools are prevalent today. All professional translation and localization service agencies are using them. They not only facilitate communication between translators and in-country staff, but they also facilitate communication among the translators themselves. 

11. No Layout Experience

Do you lack professional desktop publishers (DTP) to deal with manual formatting and image capture in all needed languages? If so, your localized documents cannot be sent to print or be properly published online. Translation breaks DTP formatting due to longer then source text. Unless you involve professional typesetting staff, you risk the chance to waste much funds on double-printing and double-shipping product. 

12. Lack of Multilingual Quality Assurance

Do you lack expert quality assurance staff that can detect issues the moment they look at them and report them early in the process? There is nothing more important than experience and the trained eye in dealing with professional translation and localization services. Unskilled people will get lost with the multitude of languages, character sets, encoding requirements, double-byte and bi-directional limitations and many more issues that can creep up without you even noticing them. 

13. Errors in the Software

Are you constantly running into internationalization (I18N) issues with your code or website? I18N issues rear their ugly heads when you least expect them, even when your translation is flawless. They can only be addressed at the code level which will require re-importing the translation into newly published code. Improperly internationalized software will require running quality assurance steps not just once, but for every language. After software localization opens in a new window into 28 languages then realized that you have I18N issues, you will need to fix the source, recreate the 28 languages and rerun quality assurance on all 28 language!

14. Lack of Motivation

Do translation managers at your company dislike their jobs or always want to push the responsibility onto someone else? This is a symptom of lack of adequate process, experience, funding, time and passion for the job. Most of these symptoms are not found at a professional translation and localization service vendor. We live and breath translation and localization tasks every waking minute. We are very passionate about what we do and take much pride in enabling the world to better communicate.

15. Core Competency Focus

Do your company’s core competencies exclude translation & localization? Unless you are a professional translation and localization service provider, my hope is that you will answer yes. Companies not in the language industry have little time to come up to speed on all the issues that are needed to stay on top of language process needs. Streamlining the translation and localization process is no simple task. Why trouble yourself with what you can outsource? Leave it to the professionals!

Professional Translation & Localization Service Provider

If you answer yes to 3 or more questions, you can surely benefit from a professional translation & localization service. Contact GlobalVision today to receive a free consultation and actionable areas that you can apply to your translation & localization processes. We can make a big difference in your international business evolution and bottom line!

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

Whitepaper 10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation & Localization

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