The Global Office: How to run your business anywhere around the world – Part II

Business Around the WorldGlobalization continues to infiltrate everyone’s life. Entrepreneurs and small-business executives are- or will soon be finding themselves- more dependent on global workers, customers and offices to operate from. We are all constantly reminded of the financial and business benefits of operating globally, requiring us to spend more time overseas and away from our home office. As such, extended international business travel will no longer be unique to large and medium-size corporations.

When this happens to you, don’t panic! In the last blog, we published 5 tips on how to turn your office into a global office. Here are the remaining 5:

6. Paying bills has to continue while you are away and there are many ways to deal with them efficiently. Global Access to BusinessBills can be categorized into 3 categories:
a. Received and paid online: phone, credit card…
b. Setup on automatic withdrawal from the bank or credit card: electric bill, subscriptions, Google Ads…
c. Fixed amount so it can be paid with online banking: rent, medical insurance, car insurance…

What is essential is that you can attend to paying your bills regardless where they originate from. Online banking with check payments or ACH, a debit or credit card, and wire transfer ability, coupled with PayPal can handle most of your bill payment needs, local and international.

For other odd bills, bring your checks with you so that you can write/print them and mail them.

7. Do you run your own payroll? There are many firms that handle your payroll requirements, but if you process payroll yourself, salary payment processing may be done easily by your accounting software online. I use QuickBooks and their process does not change no matter where I am as long as I have an internet connection. You can also process your federal and state payroll tax payments and form filing online! Again, use VPN if security is an issue.

8. Mail you receive at home will remain an issue. You will need someone to check your mail and go through it and inform you of any irregular or unexpected bills, or other pending issues. If you have an administrator at your home office, he or she can take care of that for you and get all your bills, receipts, and other mail organized. Last thing you want to face after you get back from an extended overseas trip is hundreds of unopened letters and junk mail piled up and waiting for you.

Power adapter9. Pay attention to the local power/electric requirements. Make sure you have the correct voltage adapters (110-220v) and correct plugs for all the electric and electronic appliances that you bring with you. Most equipment today is setup to handle 110-220V and 50-60Hz seamlessly. But double-check by examining the device before you plug it! All my equipment was compatible except for my electric tooth brush which only took 110V. Buy ample supply of plug adaptors and one 220-110V transformer just in case.

10. Last but not least, know the local language. There is nothing like communicating with customers or employees in their own language. Language Access around the WorldI am not advocating that you learn the language of every country that you travel to, but I strongly recommend learning one or two languages for the countries that you visit the most, then some basic vocabulary for others. This is probably the hardest to accomplish; but the payoff is worth the investment!

International travel can be long and tiring. Noise canceling headsets, your own music, and an eBook reader with a large selection of eBooks, newspapers and magazines are much less costly than a business class airplane ticket– particularly if you are travelling with family members! Equip yourself with what helps you relax and affords you your needed rest. After all, when not working or experiencing the cultures and attractions of the countries that I am visiting, listening to my favorite music with my noise-cancelling headsets while reading the latest titles in history and business eBooks, regardless where I am globally, I can almost feel at home!

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