The Power of Language!

Multilingual Text, Subtitles & Voice Over in Video & Multimedia

Power of Language
With the midterm elections around the corner, most of us have been bombarded the past few days by political ads over TV, radio and by phone…

Although communication has been mainly in English, wanting to reach all ethnic groups, candidates in selective parts of the country, have awakened to the power of communicating with prospective voters in the voters’ native tongues, even though the voter lives in the United States and is a citizen of this nation!

This is why modern politicians have turned to translation localization to convey their messages and ads to Latinos, Asian Americans or other US multinationals.

Until today however, I have never seen a commercial in a foreign language targeting the entire US population! I am talking about an ad released by the Citizens Against Government Waste organization. Click on the image above and you will see the video I am referring to!

In this global era, do you still doubt that using the correct language text, subtitles and voice over in video and multimedia presentations can be a very powerful tool to getting your message across? Do you need help doing so? Contact GlobalVision today!