10 Ways to Leave Your Translation Localization Vendor

How to fire your localization translation vendorIf you are struggling with your existing translation-localization vendor and cannot find the words to fire them, try the following:

10.  Going forward, all my projects should be turned around within 24 hours
9.    I need you to always match the lowest bid
8.    Sounds like machine translation!
7.    My distributor’s niece will do the work
6.    We recruited your project manager 😉
5.    Send me all our translation memories now
4.    Let me introduce you to Dave, our newly hired purchasing agent
3.    “Unsubscribe”
2.    Vendor: “Why aren’t we getting any more business from you?”
Customer: “Cricket-cricket, cricket-cricket, cricket-cricket…”
1.    Complete this RFP…

If you have experienced, used or can think of others, feel free to share them with us.

And if you do use any of them, do let us know!

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