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How professional translation companies distinguish themselves!

Professional translation servicesIn the previous post titled 5 Most Important Factors in Document Translation, we discussed the factors to consider for document translation before you select a professional translation company. We argued that price, although important, should not be the sole factor in the equation.

But there are additional important factors to consider. Read on to learn more…

5 Additional Important Factors to Consider

1- Coordinating in-country feedback

Translation efforts are a two‐way street between all stakeholders like developers, authors, translators, reviewers, localizers, and in-country end-users. Does your professional translation company offer a collaboration portal that facilitates teamwork among all stakeholders? Or do they leave you to your means and limited resources to secure needed input from your in-country staff and ensure accurate translations?

2- Building a glossary

We talked in the previous post about the importance of leveraging previous translations and the use of Translation Memory tools. But a translation memory is only one asset that is needed to ensure full consistency and accuracy. The other critical one is the Terminology Database, or glossary. Will your professional translation company build a lexicon in all languages they translate into for you over time and host them? Do they offer a terminology database portal that can make this lexicon securely available to all who need it? Does it include your partners that integrate their products and services with yours?

3- Maintaining the translation and terminology databases

Building translation assets is very important. Maintaining them is just as important! When changes take place to the target languages due to feedback from users or reviewers, a process should be in place to apply these changes. This should be to the target files, the translation database, and the terminology database. Otherwise, changes will vanish in the next update when data is leveraged from obsolete or incomplete databases.

4- Expanding the team of translators

As your requirements evolve and expand, you need a professional translation company behind you to support and attend to these requirements. This often requires adding more translators to the translation team, then optimizing their performance and quality. You should also enhance their know-how of your product and requirements, ensuring continuity in the style and terminology. Augmenting language offerings as you need it when targeting a larger international audience can be very useful.

5- Anticipating your needs

This is where the good separates from the great. A great professional translation company will anticipate your needs, plan for them and ensures that they are met with every project. How do you know the good from the great? Just ask them if they survey their translation clients each year and what the results are. You want 95% or higher success rate in meeting quality, budgets and schedules.

A Professional Translation Company Will Make a Difference

There are many other factors that may be important to you to help you choose your translation company. This should depend on your needs, like ISO certifications, specialized technical or language requirements, or perhaps unique schedule requirements. But overall, once the 10 factors discussed in this and the previous post are covered, two or three will stand out from the crowd. At this point, you should be in a good shape to initiate price negotiations. Just keep in mind, quality comes at a cost justified by its dividends. The include lower liability exposure, fewer support calls, wider product use, and satisfied clients!

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10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization

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