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Top 10 GlobalEyes Translation Blog PostsWhat makes a well-read blog post? Is it its content, its catchy title, or how it is marketed? How about all three? There are numerous great posts on the internet that linger in obscurity. But with a catchy title, some marketing efforts and great content, word will go out and web hits will appear. So have heart and keep blogging!

Below are GlobalVision’s 10 most read GlobalEyes blog posts, followed by my personal 10 favorites.

Most read blogs:

  1. 10 Translation Localization Predictions for 2011
  2. The Global Office: How to run your business anywhere around the world – Part I
  3. International Markets: Stars, Cash Cows, Question Marks and Dogs
  4. The Global Office: How to run your business anywhere around the world – Part II
  5. 10 Tips on Presenting Abroad
  6. Do’s and Don’ts in Software Development before Internationalization ( i18n )
  7. Your Localization Strategy Should Evolve With Your Needs
  8. Localization QA: How important?
  9. The Ideal Localization Kit
  10. 15 Reasons to Use a Professional Translation Localization Service

Personal favorites:

10. Tribute to the Freelance Translator
9. Give your Dough to the Baker
8. Time to retire the 2 by 4 – The case for International English
7. Communicating with life forms outside of Earth?!
6. Once bitten, twice shy!
5. Know Thy Customer
4. Quartz or Mechanical?
3. Is Customer Service a Lost Art?
2. Flush Twice to Conserve Water!
1. 10 Ways to Leave Your Translation Localization Vendor

If you are into translation and localization, I am sure you will enjoy reading them all. Take a look before summer ends and vote for your favorite!

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