9-11 – We will never forget!

9-11 – We will never forget!Ten years ago today, our country was ruthlessly attacked by a band of terrorists intent on causing harm and suffering to as many innocent people as they could touch. Their meticulously planned terror created vast destruction and loss of life. In consequence, they inflicted pain on our nation and the world as a whole. The ripple effect of the mayhem that followed continue to propagate around the world till this date.

Their atrocious acts were very pronounced. But the message they delivered was at best muddled. Why did they go through this horrific act? What were they trying to accomplish? Did they perceive tyranny in our freedom? Did they see shame in our pride? Sadly, the execution of their plan was near flawless. But the delivery of their message was lost in culture, language, politics, religion, and perhaps unknown motives.

The world must invest more in bridging gaps of misunderstanding among people, organizations, cultures and nations. Relating to others promotes co-existence. It comforts us to know that we are associated with an industry whose main charter is in helping others overcome language and cultural barriers around the world.

Our thoughts and prayers today and always are with those who lost their lives and loved ones, on 9-11, and in the aftermath of its tragic events. We will never ever forget!