Stay the Course, Do Over, or Out?

My 15-Year (and counting) Experience in the Translation & Localization Industry!

kite surfing is like working in the translation and localization industry

When was the last major decision you made? Do you pray for a mulligan? Many over the years have asked me if it was wise to join the translation and localization industry. It is a very competitive service business that many view as an archaic commodity industry. Last month, GlobalVision completed 15 years in business and I have given them the same answer year after year without missing a heartbeat. Here is why…

The People

Over the past 15 years, I met numerous wonderful people around the world. I worked with translators, localizers, desktop publishing specialists, engineers and business people in all continents. What other industry gives you the ability to meet such a culturally and professionally diverse group of people?

Our clients also are top notch people! They are well educated, professional and courteous. Yet they continuously challenge us, raising the bar by demanding higher quality, faster deliveries and keeping costs in check. I have formed cherished lifetime friendships with many of them.

The Trends

Global trends are on the rise and will continue for the foreseeable future. Organizations that do not have a global vision are quickly learning the limitations of local markets. Even when you are not selling abroad, you have to consider upgrading to a global value or supply chain.

There is always good and bad that comes with change. But as a whole, the world is better off learning to interact with itself, rather than living in isolation. Having global trends on our side is like constantly surfing with the wind in our back!

The Technology

Most people I talk to do not realize how involved translation-localization services can be with technology. They think that translation is a 3000 year old profession that cannot leverage much technology. They are so mistaken! Technical problems that the translation-localization service industry faces are huge. Our industry is barely scratching the surface. If you are a technology enthusiast at heart, this industry offers enough challenges to keep you busy an entire life span.

The Lifestyle

I am a firm believer that if you engage the best people, process and technology, deal with clients in an honest, ethical and fair manner, and be fortunate enough to have at least a modest wind in your back, you will find a way to prosper. And prosper we did. 14 of the 15 years at GlobalVision were profitable and the blessings continue.

Blessings of the Translation and Localization Industry

Yes we’ve made mistakes along the way, but being part of the translation-localization industry was not one of them. As a matter of fact, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I look forward to many more years of making new clients, working with new suppliers, and bettering our technology, solution and offering.

On behalf of all our staff at GlobalVision, thank you to everyone that made our terrific success in the past 15 years a jubilant reality!

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