Cost of Translation: 7c/word!

Be Cautious of Bait and Switch Translation Tactics!

7c/word cost of translation serviceHave you seen offers on the web promising delivering within the day (or even the hour!) the best quality translation with a cost of translation at 7c per word? If you haven’t it is not hard to find half a dozen of them online.

Cost of Translation

These sites claim immediate access to thousands of translators and hundreds of languages at a fraction of the cost that professional translators usually charge other professional translation service providers. For the experienced person that has performed translation services, this is simply an oxymoron. There are hundreds of reasons that we deal with on a daily basis that can disprove their claims. For simplicity sake, here are three of them.

Ensuring Quality Translation

Quality is best achieved by having the best fit translator work on the translation project and then by having another pair of trained eyes look over the translation and make necessary edits. When translations are rushed to the first available and lowest bid offer and when the review is short-circuited, how can quality be maintained? It is like depending on any person in your company who’s available to write your urgent marketing copy and then releasing it to print right after he or she is done writing it! The cost of bad translation can add up to much more.

Involving the Author or End User

Translation services also often depend on a two-way communication channel between the translation team members and the author or end user. Queries about the source and the correct terminology to be used have to be pinned and answered before the final product is delivered. This requires diligence and time. Not providing the time or the access to the people that can clarify content is like asking your PR agency to come up with a new brand for your company without access to your marketing group or clients.

Translation Consistency and Continuity

Once translations are completed correctly, they become live assets that should be maintained and reused in future translation services. Don’t you want your translation quality to be consistent throughout all your translated text? Don’t you expect continuity in the translation style and terminology? Wouldn’t you like to get credit for already translated and paid for translations? Translation management systems exist today to deal with these requirements, but they come at a cost that can be justified with better quality translations, reduced liability exposure and lower long term translation costs.

It is no surprise that one disgruntled user of these translation services wrote, “it is BAIT & SWITCH with translators who speak very little English and provide verbatim Google machine translations with no quality control”. You get what you pay for, so what do you expect for 7c/word?!

There are many ways to reduce the cost of translation. Read the below whitepaper and you will learn ten of them! They are guaranteed to save you money while still maintaining the desired quality.

Lower Translation Costs

Whitepaper 10 Tips on Lowering Translation Costs

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