Complicated Translate and Localization, Too much?!

Not all translation service buyers have the same needs. Requirements differ depending on where companies are in their global evolution.
However, certain mistakes can occur when asking for over complicated translated works. With varying needs and priorities, and a massive selection of translation service providers estimated to exceed 20,000 independent vendors worldwide and growing, how do you decide who to choose?

Some companies elect to come up with elaborate RFPs. We’ve seen many of these requests along commentaries by industry pundits about the endless details that should be included in them to help companies in their selection process. Often these RFPs are not worth the paper and the ink they take up, let alone the days, weeks and months that companies invest in answering and pouring over them.

The mere fact that the translation service industry is so fragmented fashions the need to over-complicate matters. After all, companies want to create differentiators to claim a competitive edge. But don’t let these illusions distract you.

Reality is translation and localization services, while requiring specialized expertise and much attention to detail, do not have to be sold in an over-convoluted way. If you are a translation and localization service buyer, here are the two basic factors to consider while making your logical selection to avoid complex translations.

  1. Is quality of translation important to you? If so, hire a translation service company opens in a new window that relies on qualified professional translators, project managers and localization experts that are complemented by technology to facilitate the creation, execution and maintenance of translation assets, such as terminology, translation memory and knowledge bases. Avoid suppliers that push technology before professionals, like you avoid the plague!
  2. Is price a major factor? If so, use a membership-free cloud-based translation service that enables you to initiate, approve, oversee and get translated files when you need them. By processing your projects in a trusted cloud-based portal, you get quality translators do work for you at a fraction of the cost of what a full language service provider will charge.

Companies eyeing to become serious contenders have to think and act global. But none need to complicate translate their entire content, products or websites into an endless list of languages. When both quality and price are important, go with the vendor that can help you set priorities and then provide both. For instance, we helped companies create landing pages on their website and translate them into 13 languages. This allowed them to target 80% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) producers at a fraction of the cost of converting their entire websites. Instead of aiming for a grand portal, we helped them open a Window to the World, professionally and effectively!

Lower Translation Costs

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