Translations Services Options

Machine, Professional or Cloud?

Translations Services OptionsIf you find yourself needing translations services, before you go to Google Translate or start looking for a translator ask yourself the following four important questions:

  1. Is the translation needed for internal consumption, or to communicate with the outside world?
  2. What about the translation volume, is it outrageously large?
  3. Is the translation needed instantly, or can it wait for a professional to do it?
  4. What is your liability or opportunity cost if the translation is not done correctly?

If you are not sure how to gauge an outrageously large volume, please note that one professional translator earning a professional’s wage, can translate 2000-4000 words per day comfortably.

Here are your translation service options:

Machine Translation

It is best to use machine translation in the following circumstances:

  1. The translation is needed for internal consumption only and all you need to get is the gist of the meaning,
  2. You have a very large amount of text needing translation almost immediately, or
  3. Your liability and opportunity cost in case of inaccurate translations are virtually zero.

Please note that machine translation is very fast and inexpensive, but at the same time inaccurate. While its quality is not very good, it will give you the gist of the meaning instantly so the reader of the translated text may figure out the intent of the source. Machine translation not assisted by humans is virtually free.

Cloud-Based Translation

You can use online translation services opens in a new window, like CloudLingual when:

  1. Liability and opportunity cost in case of inaccurate translations are worrisome,
  2. The text is of reasonable size to be translated by human beings,
  3. You have the luxury of time to get the translations done, and
  4. The translation requirements are somewhat straightforward.

By straightforward, we mean that the documents to translate are documents based on standard authoring systems like Microsoft Office suite, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, FrameMaker, PDFs…, and no elaborate processes are needed to identify the text to translate or complete the creation of the translated material. In this case, you can go to a cloud-based translation service like CloudLingual and save over traditional professional service offerings.

Full Translations Service

You can use a full professional translation service like the one offered at GlobalVision when:

  1. The source text requires specialized handling and preparation,
  2. A large team of translators, desktop publishers, localizers and engineers needs to be managed by a professional project manager to properly complete all the requirements,
  3. You require extra help in building and maintaining the translation assets for current and future use,
  4. Unique processes or technology need to be put in place to correctly implement release procedures of translated or localized content, or
  5. You don’t have the time to consider all your available options.

When you hire a comprehensive translation service provider you can let the experts worry about taking the next fork in the road to correctly execute your requirements.

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