“Antarctican” Language Translation!

Humor is a an integral part in business

Goat and antarctican translation

What was the strangest response you’ve ever got to a follow up e-mail? I bet you can’t beat the originality of this prospective client who asked for Antarctican Translation instead of just saying “Not Now”!

Growth in Antarctica

“Hello, thanks for getting with us on this important opportunity.  We have been considering internationalization and we have identified what we think is a great opportunity.  We have analyzed market opportunities for all the earth confinements (land masses).

Most of the earth’s continents (land masses) have many existing market opportunities and it may be difficult for us to break into those markets.  HOWEVER one of those continents has yet to have been addressed in any effort to commercialize a marketplace.

We are thinking of expanding internationally into the virgin marketplace of Antarctica and we will need some guidance.  Initially we will need material translation services into the Antarctican language.  We have looked for Antarctican translators and have not found any.  Do you have a staff of these translators?

With global warming coming on so rapidly, this marketplace is prime as the climate becomes more temperate.   Right now our only product is software package to aid goat herders in the management of their operations.  We feel that Antarctica is an up and coming place to raise goats.  If we were to expand into Antarctica we feel that we could capture the entire goat herding software marketplace.  Additionally it could give us an opportunity for immense vertical growth into related business units like: selling goat food, goat waste composting products, and grocery store goat meat departments.

Would your company be interested in helping to commercialize this prime potential marketplace?

“Building a better world by better goat herd management”

A funny way of saying “not now”.”

Antarctican Translation

Hope this drew a smile on your face. Although decision makers identify global market penetration as an opportunity, many still hesitate to act upon it, justifying their hesitation with budget and time constraints. The truth is, that “Going Global” is a delicate process that could be pursued successfully using the right planning.

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