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Choosing Translation Agencies

Translation Service Provider

Are you planning your strategy and budget for the upcoming year? If so, are you evaluating the consequences of your last year’s decisions? Is localizing your product/service is essential for your business prosperity?If you answered yes to these questions, this post will put you on the right track. Whether you need to translate a 2-3 page marketing piece or a technical manual with 100s of pages, you need to read this. Choosing the right Translation Service Provider will go a long way in helping your company succeed.

Here are 5 crucial elements to consider while choosing your Translation Service Provider or Translation Agencies


Certifications are no guarantee of final translation quality. But they do provide the framework and infrastructures needed to evolve into minimizing translation problems and maximizing quality. When evaluating translation agencies, you may want to ask for their ISO 9001 certificate. Also, find out how long they’ve had their certification. This will demonstrate their commitment to a quality management system (QMS). QMS enables higher translation quality and a process to deal with defects. Also, you may want to inquire about their translator certification or approval process. Most reputable Translation agencies opens in a new window will have stringent vetting steps.

Success Rate

Good word of mouth is the social proof of a translation service provider’s success. However, the best value vendor may only be providing a niche market service and may not be always available. Once you narrow your list of suitable translation service providers, take a look at their clients’ testimonials and reviews. This will give you a better insight on a translation service provider’s professionalism and results.


Different translation service providers specialize in different industries. For example, a freelance translator with expertise in medical translations may not be able to provide quality translation of legal documents. Certainly, things are different with agencies since they usually provide translation for almost all kinds of industries. However, every translation agency positions itself as a leader in few fields. This will help you choose the right translation service provider according to what type of documents you want to translate.

Price/Value Ratio

Remember, you don’t want to get the cheapest translation provider. Instead your mission is to hire the best translation service provider in your industry for the most affordable price. This will give you the highest value for your money. Quality translation and localization are only provided by professionals. In general “those who are good at what they do won’t accept to get paid less then what they deserve.”

Translation Management System (TMS)

A complex project requires better work distribution and a professional communication platform between all the stakeholders. This includes the customer, the project manager, the translator, the in-country editor… Therefore, a TMS is the tool that will track the translation process from A to Z. It will make the translation process transparent. It will also optimize time consumption, minimize or eliminate errors, and connect you with all the project stakeholders.

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How to Plan & Budget Translation Projects Whitepaper

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