Ever Regretted Not Using Professional Translation?

Expand globally without unnecessary liabilities

RegretWith the ongoing internet revolution, companies from around the world are finding a significant increase in global opportunities. But acting upon them is not as simple as it may seem. Global expansion requires much more than one could handle on his or her own. In addition to all the adjustments needed internally, there’s the issue of outside communication, which is made even more challenging when different languages are involved!

Communication is of course an all-important ingredient to global success. Without it, you will never be able to establish a strong link and trust with your business partners and clients abroad. So how can you overcome language barriers? Simply put: Professional Translation!

As I was surfing the internet today, I came across a couple of funny pictures. The first was at an army check point with a sign that says “Chick Point”, while the second was at a restaurant in China that has the name in Chinese with the large font English translation next to it: “Translate Server Error”.

It is obvious that someone with very limited knowledge of the English language created these banners. As funny as mistakes can be, professional translation is seriously important to maintain a global image standard that your company will be proud of locally and internationally. With adequate but not excessive resources, you can expand globally without a heavy burden (aka liability) on your shoulders.

U.S. Translation Companies

Translation companies in the USA are outfitted with professional translators from around the world to ensure accurate translations and representation of what is intended into any language. You do not need to go very far to ensure accuracy and reduce liability. Local translation services can do the job as well as any other outfit.

With the advent of broadband and online Translation Management Systems, translation and localization services can be executed efficiently and effectively almost from any location. Today, localization strategies are indifferent to where the work takes place, as long as the proper process for the localization of products take place. For instance, the key elements of successful software localization services are proper file parsing which require technical competence and subject matter expertise in the languages of choice. Local engineers can prepare files for translation then dispatch the translations via the translation portal to experts around the world.

Professional Translation Services Payoff

With over 1000 translators from all around the world, professional Project Managers, and a team of technical engineers, a professional translation outfit can remove this liability and help you expand globally by penetrating different markets. Think globally, seek opportunities and engage your local professional translation service for best results!

10 Tips On Achieving Quality in Translation and Localization10 Tips on Achieving Quality in Translation

This whitepaper presents applicable ten tips that will help you translate documents and deliver a quality product that your international readers will thank you for. Download it for free!